Our environmental projects are some of our proudest achievements because of our steadfast commitment to stewardship of the natural surroundings where we are raising our children. Ward Edwards Engineering has been a partner with Beaufort County in designing stormwater management retrofits for areas that need water-quality improvements.  Our successes are significant because they reflect actual design and implementation of practical solutions to address real issues in a timely and effective way.

In addition to our specifically targeted environmental expertise, many of our more conventional development projects benefit from environmental design innovations that protect the enviornment and result in better places to live, work, and play.

Ward Edwards’ innovations and initiatives enhanced the plan.  The result is a development that is visually appealing but, more important, one that reflects the pledged stewardship of the environment that is a hallmark of Ward Edwards.
- Emmett McCracken, Owner, Stock Farm

We appreciate the collaborative design approach and sustainable solutions that working with Ward Edwards offers our clients.
- Dan Keefer, Principal, Witmer Jones Keefer, Ltd., Landscape Architects/ Planners