Greg Baisch, PE 
Project Manager

After graduating Clemson University I made the easiest decision of my life and returned to the coastal South to live, work and play. I am married to a beautiful Beaufort native, and we have three very uniquely awesome children.  I count it a blessing to be able to call the Lowcountry home and look forward to continuing to use my gifts to further improve this wonderful region.

Living and working in the ever-expanding coastal region has allowed me to experience a wide range of land development engineering projects. The scale, variety and complexity of these projects have provided me experience with many clients and different project types ranging from single-lot commercial to large multi-use developments. 

I am naturally a people-person and enjoy working closely with my clients as a development consultant, managing all aspects of the project from the earliest stage possible, including team building. In addition to my design and management experience, my knowledge of the coastal region and relationships with community representatives are very beneficial to successful projects.