Willy Powell, PE 
Project Manager

Most people want to place engineers in a box – a box that forces us to think, act, or speak a certain way.  But we aren’t all the same, and neither are our clients and projects.

Each client is unique.  Their needs, expectations, goals, and schedules vary based upon the circumstances they face – which can change daily.  And the same is true for their projects.  Every project is different, as are the opportunities to solve problems and bring delight.

Which is why we, as engineers, need to be different.  We must be able to adapt our strategies and skills to provide the best solution for our clients, every time and at every step.

Since graduating from the Promised Land (Clemson University) in 2001, I’ve had the privilege to work closely with clients ranging from local municipalities hoping to improve their town to large-tract residential developers to single-person outfits trying to launch their next phase of life to small businesses looking to expand to big-box retail clients.  And in each case, the goal was, and always will be, to provide them with personable, detailed, knowledgeable, and technical expertise.  None of which can occur while being stuck in a box.

So I am your atypical engineer.  One who’s not afraid to look in the mirror and see what went right or wrong.  One who looks at problems from a different perspective and stay focused on the ultimate goal.  One who loves to write and cook and teach.  One who makes random pop culture references and always has a song stuck in his head.